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Finding the right fit

Our equestrian collections coordinate figure flattering looks for every rider. From curvy figures to straight figures we know which brands work and which fall flat. Regardless of your discipline we have an expert consultant that can help you!

About Us

We are barn girls. We hate shopping and would rather buy a pony than a purse. We come from diverse equestrian backgrounds. From barrel racing, to A-show hunters, to fox hunting and eventing. Regardless of discipline, we are united by our passion for the horse and rider connection. Each discipline requires specific gear for optimum comfort, enjoyment and performance. We know because it appears we have tried it all. Inevitably, the breeches at one company are sized differently than another and the pile of returns mounts up. Our mission is to make finding the right gear for you and your horse easier. We are product neutral so we can pair together the best of the best across various brands for you to try on-touch and see. Our in-person show and knowledgeable representatives will help you get great gear the first time, every time.