Francesca Kimes Ranch Jean

Kimes Ranch


Kimes first Crowdsourcing style selection. The Francesca was born out of request for a 100% cotton jean. White Oak denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina creates a beautiful profile. Mid-low rise gives sexy and functional feel. The Cha-Cha orange stitch detail was chosen by our customers. -Amanda Kimes

CONTENT: 100% Cotton. White Oak Denim from North Carolina

FIT: Mid Low Rise, Relaxed Upper Thigh, Bootcut.

DETAILS: Rinse wash Cha-Cha orange embroidered horns

CONSTRUCTION: 3x1 Right Hand Twill. Ring Spun. 11oz. denim.

Our jeans have the longevity and durability you demand because we only source Ring Spun denim. Ring Spun denim has greater tensile/tear strength in the fabric form than Open End yarn found in other brands. Thus our jeans last 2-3 times longer.

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