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What We Provide

Products from brands you know(and some amazing craftsman you don’t)


Business Plan 

Optional Marketing Materials

Check List for success

Coaching and support

Order processing and placement with vendors

A background of success focused on helping YOU succeed

What You Do

The great news is you run your business your way with our support. 

What we do know is that there are many ways to be successful. Some of the most successful strategies include: Barn Parties, Hosting a Truck Show at a friends house (or yours), Hosting a trunk show at a local equestrian club, Facebook sales, private showings, and displays at horse shows/events.

Your Investment

You decide if you want this to be your career or just a fun hobby to supplement your income. Start your business small for as little as $149 or go all the way and carry luxury goods. Or you can build it over time. We can help you determine what is right for you based on your goals.  Let’s talk.

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?

Generally we can have you up and running in about two weeks. You determine your pace after that. 

How Much Can I Really Make?

It really depends on how often you work. A part time owner may only do one small show a week which would generally earn them an extra $1,000 per month. However, a person who is more committed and brings on associates to help can very easily earn $50,000 per year. A true full time franchise owner has unlimited potential. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we will help you get there.

Next Steps

Have more questions? Ready to get started? Either way we are happy to help you find the approach that works for you. We are not high pressure sales people. We really want team members that are a great fit and who we believe will thrive. This should be FUN. Let's talk! 

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